Congratulations Retirees!
Gary Denette
David Shores
Pam Gregory

Family of Georgie Pugh

Summer Reading Program
Children – We are looking forward to our summer reading program – it’s in the works!
Shout out to our Centenary Kids!
Everyone is applauding everyone but our children. These little heroes have been indoors more than they have ever been in their lives. Their whole worlds have literally been turned upside down. All these rules they’ve never know; a life they could not have imagined. All the things they love like sports, being with friends, going to school, or just being kids have been taken away from them. Yet, every day, our children get up and carry on despite all that is going on. So, here is our shout-out to our little heroes: You are our superheroes, today, tomorrow, forever!

Centenary United Methodist Church Scholarship
Sue Smith Music Scholarship
Both due by June 10, 2020 (Applications sent to our high school)

Children’s Sunday School Via ZOOM
11 a.m. Sunday mornings
Hosted by: Mrs. Deb Bunn and Mr. Jim Layton
Please call Frances at 757-484-5051 for a Zoom invitation for attendance

Adult Sunday School Opportunities Via ZOOM

Pastor John’s Class – Sunday mornings @ 9 a.m.
Hosted by: Pastor John
Please call Frances at 757-484-5051 to request a Zoom invitation for attendance

Voyager & Seekers Class – Sunday morning @ 10 a.m.
Hosted by: Karen Diddle and Murray Rudisill
Please contact Karen Diddle at 757-377-0817 to request a Zoom invitation for attendance