Centenary has a long and interesting history:On May 18, 1785, the Craney Island Mission was officially identified when land was purchased at a location on what is now Towne Point Road.In 1848, a new chapel was built, after the original was destroyed by fire, and the name was changed to Wesley Chapel.


Remodeled in 1883, the name was changed to Centenary in anticipation of the Church’s and denomination’s centennial year.  In 1955, Centenary members voted to relocate, and in 1957, the site of the present Church was purchased.  On May 10, 1959, the Consecration Worship Service was held in the new facility.  During the 1960’s the area and the Church continued to grow and it was during this period that Church membership first exceeded 1,000.  On May 10, 1964, ground was broken for the new Sanctuary, Chapel, offices, and additional meeting rooms.  The Consecration Services for the new facilities was held on June 20, 1965.  In 1978, a M. P. Moller pipe organ was installed, and first used for worship on October 29, 1978.Centenary Painting

In 1996, “A Renewed Centenary For a New Century” remodeling and renovation program was begun.  On April 20th, 1997 a ground breaking ceremony was held and by 1998 many of the building improvements were completed.  This represented a commitment to the future and readies the facilities for those who will be continuing to forge the future of Centenary in the years ahead.